The aim is to create the conditions for possible collaborations. A TEAM. A group of individuals joining forces in a common space, to work independently and on common projects. By coming together a sense of openness is created. This dynamic environment enhances the TEAM to grow and thrive through inspiration, motivation and the development of the individuals’ and the TEAMs’ interpersonal skills. Collaboration makes your effort matter. Sharing ideas through brainstorming can expand your horizons. Together we can accomplish better results stepping towards success and benefit from each other.



WOSOM is a newly established company formed by a team of energetic and passionate professionals. Our team accumulates heavy knowledge and expertise in the fields of technology, advertising, sales & marketing in both products and services. WOSOM’s aim and main service is to promote Cyprus as well as its products and services locally and overseas through the development and design of promotional campaigns mainly with the use of Information Technology and on-line software applications. WOSOM is looking to enhance its team with young solution driven individuals who will go beyond what is known to be possible. Individuals who will enhance the team with their energy and fresh ideas so that the whole team may develop and provide quality services.

Wosom Services Limited

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LIFEhacker Magazine is published by WOSOM in collaboration with the Pancyprian Confederation of Parents Associations for all highschool students of Public and Technical Schools in Cyprus.

Through the magazine, students receive messages that concern today's society and issues related to young people such as health and nutrition, sports, exploration of career prospects, social and psychological matters, technology, only to name a few. The style of the magazine will be youthful and modern, but at the same time serious, approaching not only students but also parents about how to manage the difficulties and problems affecting their children.

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YouthLife is a web portal that includes a variety of topics for students aged 12 to 18. It aims to provide proper guidance to students by giving them access on subjects that include health and nutrition, sports, professional orientation, personal relationships and many other matters of their interest.

The portal also provides a communication channel between students, a way to share and exchange their thoughts and concerns, a way to help find solutions to the issues that concern them and a way to be part of a community.


Wedding Box is an online service that deals with the wedding industry.

It includes:

  • Wedding Directory

A directory in which all businesses involved in the wedding industry can register. By signing up, users will be able to get information on all of our company's actions that aim to promote the registered businesses to new prospective customers.

  • Wedding Vendors

A subscription website that gives users the opportunity after their registration to handle their own page and upload any information they choose for their prospective customers to see and also, user functions in order to communicate with their customers.

  • Wedding Pack

A package that is given by hand to couples planning their wedding, that contains flyers, brochures, cards, promotional gifts, discount coupons or anything else that can promote the user’s business.

  • Wedding stories

Real wedding day stories, customized webpages through which the married couple can share their wedding memories and all partners chosen for this important day are promoted.


Andreas Phillippides is an accomplished businessman with exceptional organizational and managerial competences including leadership, coaching and guiding, delegation and management. Skills like planning, budgeting, goal setting, scheduling, supervising, performance monitoring and evaluating represent only the basis of his professional experience. His associates and collaborators are inspired from his genuine desire to achieve, excel and evolve, his ability to grasp new ideas and integrate them into desired results and his commitment to every task, project or engagement he is involved in.

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